Free Stock Photo Sets for Web Designers


1. Can you give me some examples of how these images can be used?

Use the image in virtually any kind of promotional item : websites, advertising, packaging, personal projects, CD or DVD packaging, film and video presentations, multimedia presentations, commercials, books, greeting cards, posters, postcards, business cards, articles, etc. etc...

2. Can you give me some examples of prohibited uses?

You cannot:

  • Use our image to create templates for resale [ e.g. flash templates, website templates, brochure templates, powerpoint templates ]
  • Display images larger than 640 * 480 on the web.
  • Resell the images on "Print on Demand" products, such as Cafe Press products, posters, cards, etc.

You can review our complete Terms of Use here. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

3. Who created these images?

All the images were created by Darren Hester, a full-time web developer and amateur photographer currently living in Macon, Georgia.

4. Do you accept submissions from photographers?

No, not currently. We may consider this in the future.

5. Do you offer higher resolution versions of these images?

Since our DesignPacks were created specifically for web design, the images are optimized for "screen" use (800pixels x 600pixels, JPG format). This size should be ideal for most web projects. If you would like higher resolution images for print, visit

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